Dora Ngov
Marketing Director (Australia) | Kao Corporation
Dora Ngov Strives for Excellence in Marketing with Notable Australian Company
Dora Ngov brings more than a decade of expertise to directorial role with Kao Corporation

BOX HILL, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, June 4, 2014, Kao Corporation Marketing Director of Australia, Dora Ngov, has been recognized for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing, as well as product design and development.

Ms. Ngov has worked in marketing for 15 years, spending the last six as marketing director of Australia for Kao Corporation, a manufacturer specializing in beauty products. As an international provider of these products, Kao Corporation carries a variety of trusted brands, including John Frieda, Curel, Goldwell and Jergens. In her directorial role with the company, Ms. Ngov utilizes her strengths in areas, such as team building, creativity and strategic planning in order to perform crucial responsibilities. She currently handles the management of a large portfolio of brands, meets with clients to bolster branding and new products, collaborates with skilled staff members, and oversees daily operations, including marketing and design.

As an individual who strives to constantly improve and receive recognition in her endeavors, Ms. Ngov attributes her success to her hard work, ambition and exemplary mentors. In addition, she enjoys the strategic vision, development and creativity involved in the development of various brands.

In order to build the foundation for her career, Ms. Ngov earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce, with a minor in marketing and management, from Deakin University. In recognition of her accomplishments, she was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding, and also received induction into the Golden Key International Honour Society in 2000. Additionally, Ms. Ngov maintains professional affiliation with organizations, such as the Australian Institute of Management and Relay for Life. In the near future, she plans to enjoy continued professional growth on an international level, and is looking forward to obtaining an MBA.

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Dora Ngov
Marketing Director (Australia)
Kao Corporation
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