Dora Ngov
Marketing Director (Australia) | Kao Corporation
Dora Ngov | Marketing Director (Australia) -- Kao Corporation

Dora Ngov is the marketing director of Australia for Kao Corporation, a manufacturer of beauty products. Ms. Ngov joined Kao in 2008 and assumed her current role in 2012. She has become a well-respected leader at the company who is recognized for her skills in marketing, product design and development, and strategic planning. In her role, Ms. Ngov is responsible for managing a large portfolio of brands, meeting with various clients to build brands and products, collaborating with a skilled staff, and overseeing daily operations, including marketing, design and strategic planning. She attributes her success to hard work, ambition and having great mentors. She always wants to improve and be recognized as a successful woman. In the coming years, Ms. Ngov plans to continue growing worldwide. She would also like to obtain an MBA and become involved with a larger platform in brand creativity.

Dora Ngov
Marketing Director (Australia)
Kao Corporation
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